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 About This Site and Its Intent

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PostSubject: About This Site and Its Intent   Tue Jul 21, 2015 5:55 am

Simply put, I'm a big fan of YouTube.  I especially love the videos made by the personalities who bring us make-up and fashion tutorials and those who focus on lifestyle.  I want this blog to be a gathering place for those that have the same appreciation.  I hope to help you find someone you maybe didn't know about or something that may help you out.  

This isn't the place for bashing YouTubers or stirring up battles between them.  This also isn't the place to criticize anyone for their backgrounds, lighting, camera quality.  I won't have it.  If you want to give someone constructive criticism to help them out, that's one thing - but I won't tolerate meanness here.  

To the YouTube personalities:

1. My wish is to promote you, make people aware of what you do, what you offer - your talent.  

2. It is never my intention to make you look bad.  I try to catch the best stills that I can.  I will never publish pictures of you with the intent of making you look bad or to embarrass you.

3. My critiques will always be respectful and constructive.

4. I encourage you to add extra moments to your videos so that I can catch better stills of you if you feel I haven't in the past.

5. I do not alter your pictures.  You appear in your stills as you do in your videos.

6. I do not pick favorites.  I watch videos of those with 1 subscriber to those with over a million.

7. And yes, I'm also promoting my own boutique and would love for you to shop it!  You can access it HERE

With all of this being said, I hope this is a place that all who love YouTube love to come.  I hope it's a place where people come to learn, to educate, to share - free from bullying or negativity.

How to Use This Site

You can navigate this blog easiest by clicking the Website Contents/Legend Link.  All articles, reviews, Tops Lists and features are listed there.

*The thoughts and opinions of the YouTubers are their own and are not necessarily representative of my beliefs.  I post links to YouTube videos that I think might be interesting to all kinds of people.  I do not discriminate against anyone for their personal beliefs - saying this though does not mean I always agree with them.  It means I have respect for everyone to believe what they believe.

I personally do not necessarily endorse any of the products that the YouTubers do.  If I like a product, I will say so - but me posting a link to a video of a YouTuber endorsing a product does not mean that I do too.  You will always know my personal opinions as I will state them clearly post to post.

Persons appearing on this site have not necessarily bought anything from my boutiques - it is not a requirement for me to write about or promote them.  I truly do love YouTube, make-up, fashion, accessories and creativity. There is no special treatment towards any group of YouTubers.

If you have any questions or comments about any of the material posted, please feel free to contact me.

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About This Site and Its Intent
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