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 Likes & Dislikes.......Personal Preferences

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PostSubject: Likes & Dislikes.......Personal Preferences   Sun Aug 30, 2015 4:06 am

This is a list, in no particular order of personal likes and dislikes.  This list is not meant to offend anyone - it's just what I like.  I love when someone changes my mind or proves me wrong - it has happened and I love those surprises.  I'm sure over time I'll add items to and cross items off of this list.  Again, this is not meant to offend anyone - it's just what I like and what I don't.  You'll notice that some of my likes and dislikes might contradict eachother.....well I am a woman, I'm allowed!  I like natural looks and dramatic looks - but at the same time don't like overly done dramatic looks.....there is a fine line.  So here goes.......again, not to offend.....just letting you know.

I think it also needs to be said that certain dislikes do not keep me from choosing videos/tutorials for the Top 6 of the day.  If something looks good - it looks good - doesn't mean I have to like elements about it.


  • I love bold use of color.
  • I love natural looks.
  • I love big, beautiful, wispy lashes.  Not mink ones (see below).
  • I love people who give "good face".  If you've created a great look - show it off!  Model it!
  • Talk about Products.  Tell us if you like, love or hate them while you're using them.  Tell us why.  
  • I love themed collaborations.


  • I don't like colored contacts unless they're used to portray a character or an inspired look.
  • I don't like young girls trying to look way older than they are - unless they are portraying a character or doing an inspired look.  To be more clear - I don't like 7 year olds who wear makeup to look 30 years old.
  • In that same vein, I don't think it's cute for 40 year olds to try to look like they are 13 years old.  Again, if you're portraying a character or doing an inspired look, I don't care so much.
  • I hate strobe lights.
  • I like bold makeup, but not clown makeup.  There is a fine line.
  • Green or Blue lipstick.  I just don't think it works ever.  Except for Halloween.  
  • I don't like tutorials that show only the eye or half a face.  If you're doing a makeup tutorial - show your whole face please.
  • Raggedy Nails.  If you're teaching us how to beautify ourselves and your nails look raggedy - hide them or do them.
  • Mink lashes.  I detest fur anything.  I think fur belongs on the animals it came from, period.  Maybe because I'm a Ferret mama and they're so closely related....I'm extra sensitive about mink lashes. 

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Likes & Dislikes.......Personal Preferences
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