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 August 1, 2015 - Top 6 Picks of the Day

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PostSubject: August 1, 2015 - Top 6 Picks of the Day   Sun Aug 09, 2015 4:50 am

Dozens upon dozens of videos are released daily on YouTube, these are just 6 picks of some of the best looks. 
*The date of the picks is based on the publish date of the videos. 

Picks are listed from left to right, top to bottom.  *You can click the name of the video to visit.

mirellabellebeauty -  The shimmery, smokey eye is totally beautiful against her flawless skin.  The look is completed with a nude looking lip.  Beautiful!
"'Black Smoked Out Eyes & Highlighted Skin"

BeautyyBird - Absolutely one of her prettiest looks to date, I think.  
I love the colors she uses on her eyes and the softness of the entire look.  So pretty for Summer or any season!

Valentine Lewis - I'm a newbie to her channel, but glad I found her.  I'm such a fan of bold use of color - and this look has it.  It's bold, whimsical and so pretty!  
The yellow and green hues on her eyes are paired perfectly with a pretty, pink lip.  Love this look!

cflowermakeup - I love the use of yellow eye shadows, and it's used so beautifully here.  It's bold, dramatic and truly beautiful.  
I love how the rest of the makeup is understated so that the focus is drawn to the eyes - Gorgeous!

Natalie Jane - I've said that I don't care how many subscribers one has, how old, what race - If I like a look - I like it.  I love the colors she uses on her eyes.  
It's a fun and playful, but also very pretty.  She's young, fresh-faced and I welcome her to YouTube!

Hayley Kassel - This look is just perfection.  She is a golden peach goddess!  Her skin is radiant, 
the golden peachy tone on her eyes and the lip color look made for her.  The look is absolutely stunning.

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August 1, 2015 - Top 6 Picks of the Day
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