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 July 25, 2015 - The Top 6 Picks of the Day

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PostSubject: July 25, 2015 - The Top 6 Picks of the Day   Sun Aug 09, 2015 3:05 am

Dozens upon dozens of videos are released daily on YouTube, these are just 6 picks of some of the best looks. 
*The date of the picks is based on the publish date of the videos. 

Picks are listed from left to right, top to bottom.  *You can click the name of the video to visit.

**Sorry these have been a day or so late, dealing with an illness in the family, but we will get these out whether a day late or a week late - they will get posted.  ツ

Jaydee Stone - Her eyes are just amazing.  The makeup is stunning.  Paired with her skin tone and hair color, the beautiful look is just amplified.  
I'd venture to say that anyone could wear this look beautifully.  Perfection.
"'Cut Crease Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial Using The Naked Smoky Palette "

Tessa Danica - So bold and pretty.  Her eyes are just piercing.  Check out the video to get an up close of how amazing the eye makeup coloration is.

Aleksandra Pavic - I love the minimalist look that is taken here.  She's not overdone, but still manages to look amazingly gorgeous.  
Her eye makeup and super, bold lips are all drama and perfectly beautiful.

ThePinkRook - Messy pretty.  That's what I call this particular look.  She does grungy perfectly.  The look with it's intentional smudgy, "grungy" look is perfect and pretty.  
The colors and application are just right.  I just love pretty grunge!

saratea. cup - Beaming and beautiful.  She just looks radiant.  The eye makeup is sexy and the lip color is perfect.  
A beautiful look for work or anywhere for any season.

Stephanie Bailey - I love the look of a bold red lip on a blue-eyed, blonde.  She wears this look beautifully.  
Her eye makeup gives them a look of whimsy and her skin is just luminescent.  Amazingly beautiful.

☀  "I'm gonna smile because I deserve to..."  ☀
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July 25, 2015 - The Top 6 Picks of the Day
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