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 How We Choose Our Top 6 Picks of the Day

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PostSubject: How We Choose Our Top 6 Picks of the Day   Mon Jul 27, 2015 6:38 pm

Everyday hundreds of videos are published to YouTube and it is impossible to watch every single one.  First of all, we look over the videos that come into our feed from our subscriptions.  Now if we only looked at the YouTubers that we subscribed to, it would not be fair to the hundreds of other YouTubers we're not subscribed to - so we look at all of YouTube through various searches. Everyday, at least a couple of times a day, we do random key word searches for "makeup", "makeup tutorial", "eyeshadow", "Get Ready With Me" and other key words that have to do with makeup tutorials.  Through those searches, we often find YouTubers we've never heard of before.  Through those searches, it makes it fair for everyone to have a chance to be featured.  And often through these searches, we find new YouTubers to subscribe to and keep our eyes on for future Top 9s and other features.

Currently, our focus is on makeup tutorials and GRWMs - but we are considering adding hair tutorials in the future.

Now - about how we actually decide who the Top 9 are.  We "photograph" more than 9 choices everyday and at the close of the publishing day, we choose the Top 9 from those we've photographed.  If we photographed certain videos, it's because we believe they were contenders for the top looks for that day.  Anyone can be chosen - we don't discriminate in any way - you can have a million subscribers or just one.  You can be any race, age, size, sex or do any kind of makeup.  Last time we checked, beauty wasn't defined into one little box in one little way.  We simply pick the 9 that we think looked the best for that particular day.  We may have had a dozen or more that we loved, but since we've limited ourselves to 9 - that is how many you will see.  From day to day, what we find beautiful, intriguing and creative may differ.  One day we may be drawn to more feminine looks and other days, rocked out, grungy looks - so everyone and every kind of look has a chance.  We're not just drawn to one particular look.

A couple of things....

Sometimes YouTubers don't hold still enough for us to capture a flattering still of them, so we try to see if they've taken a still them self and uploaded it to Instagram or their blog.  In that case, if we love a look enough, we may "borrow" these stills so we may feature the look in the Top 9.  We don't ever want to take an unflattering still of anyone and post it at this site - that's not what we're about.  There are some tips HERE if you are interested in possibly being featured at the site.

There's no limit to how many times you can be featured in the Top 9 Picks.  If you do 7 tutorials in a week and rock the heck out of them each of those days, there's a chance you might be featured all 7 days.  We're not going to limit how many beautiful looks you can come up with in a month or week - create, create, create!

You don't have to have the perfect skin, you don't have to naturally look like Annie Jaffrey, Ashley Benson or Zendaya, you don't have to wear the most expensive makeup, you don't have to have the most elaborate backgrounds - it's about how you look in your video.  Do you look great for what you're trying to accomplish (per the title) or just look great overall hands down?  We all have bad days, Beyonce isn't always a 10.  No one on the cover of magazines are.  No one on TV is.  No one that makes music is.  We don't expect our YouTubers to be either.  We're just looking for 9 who look great each day - and we realize that's 9 of what is probably many.  We've just decided on 9.

What about language?  When the site was started we stuck with only English speaking tutorials/videos, but we now look at videos in any and all languages.  Makeup and beauty transcends language barriers, so we've decided to also.  

And what about YouTuber camera quality?  Well, we would love to be able to open the Top 9 up to absolutely everybody - but to get the best screen captures we can get - we only look at videos that are filmed in High Definition.  We have seen YouTubers with less camera capability than that who we think look marvelous - and we subscribe to them and we'll keep watching them.  They may be featured in other areas of the site - so no worries for them.  It's just the Top 9 that they're excluded from.  Maybe one day they'll upgrade to High Def and we'll be able to feature them in the Top 9 too.

At this time, we're not accepting submissions or suggestions - we're going to continue to do our searches as we've been doing.  You guys keep creating and beautifying YouTube.  We think you're all great and tip our hats off to all who put themselves out there for us to see, to learn from and admire.  We thank you!

*The Top List changed from the Top 6 to the Top 9 August 26, 2015.  Limiting ourselves to 9 is hard enough, 6 was nearly impossible.  
There literally are so many excellent and creative tutorials/looks created each day.

#Top_6, #tutorial, #competition, #High_Definition, #Camera, #YouTube

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How We Choose Our Top 6 Picks of the Day
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