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 Tips for Making a Successful YouTube Video to be Captured by Me

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PostSubject: Tips for Making a Successful YouTube Video to be Captured by Me   Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:42 am

Often when people go into making YouTube videos, they don't necessarily have a plan of attack.  Well, it must be especially true when it comes to making videos that are "Romarie" friendly.   What does that mean?   Well, I'm going to be writing about YouTube videos, reviewing them, suggesting them to folks, etc. and I get my pictures for my posts by taking stills from YouTubers videos.  

SO, I've made a little list of things that will help you out in the future for helping me, help you, help me get better stills of you for my blog.  Some of the tips may help you out period.  AND, some of you just may not care because I'm not a priority on your list - that's fine too.  I really am just trying to help.  Now....on to the list.

  • Hold Still.  Take a few moments at the beginning or the end of your video and just hold still.  Don't move, don't dance around - be still.  That way I can get a great picture of you.
  • Better Yet, Pose.  Pretend you're modeling, strike a few poses and hold them for a few seconds - this works out even better!  Your viewers appreciate it too, because then they get a really good look at what you've created.  Trust me, I know.  I hate when someone has created the most beautiful look and turns the camera off less than a second later.....I'm like "Wha???"  Why create all that if you don't want anybody to see?
  • Slow Down.  When you're doing a tutorial, it's helpful to your viewers if you speak slow enough for them to understand what you're talking about.  Sometimes some YouTubers talk one hundred miles a minute.  Slow down.  If you really want people to learn from you, speak slowly and audibly.  I know, I understand - I start talking fast when I'm excited and enthusiastic too - it happens - but try to keep in mind that people want to learn from you.
  • Blow Your Nose.  Seriously.  I have seen a few videos where people have been posing and things were visible up their nostrils that nobody wants to see.  I sit there watching those videos and I just cringe because I feel so bad for the person.  I'm like, "Don't they realize?  Didn't they watch their own video?"  I don't want it to happen to you.
  • Eye Drops.  Use them.  Nothing can ruin a good tutorial like bloodshot eyes.  
  • Finger Pop.  Have you ever had lipstick on your teeth?  Have you ever seen anyone with lipstick on their teeth?  I have in a few YouTube videos.  This can be avoided by doing the "Finger Pop".  After you've applied your lipstick/gloss, simply stick a finger into your mouth to the knuckle - then pull it out making a popping sound as it exits your mouth.  The excess lipstick that would normally get on your teeth will be on your finger.
  • Milk Coming Out Your Mouth.  (See photo below...and I'm NOT naming who that doesn't matter).  Hey, I love lip glosses, liquid lip wear, lip lacquers - all those pretty, wet, shiny products we put on our mouths - but don't use so much that it looks like milk is coming out of your mouth.  We've all done it....but Finger Pop - it will look nicer in your videos.   Laughing


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Tips for Making a Successful YouTube Video to be Captured by Me
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